Authentic Insights

Shake it Out! | Shedding 2011

Let's face it... We all have a dark side, whether or not we want to admit it. We all do things we are not proud of. We all have regrets. We've all experienced things we feel we did not deserve. This is because we are all souls living a human experience. This song and...

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Commitment and Independence

One of our most challenging dilemmas as humans is to satisfy our constantly shifting (or simultaneous) need for commitment and independence. When in a committed relationship we often long to be free, and when we are free we long to be committed to a partner. While...

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The Science & Impact of PLAY

And we think we have it bad in America?... Steve Keil's recent TED talk is music to my ears. Not since reading Stephen Nachmanovich's book Free Play, have I been so excited to keep inspiring the flow of creative genius through embracing individual authenticity. If you...

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The Rediscovery of Wonder

This TED Talk delivered by brilliant bricolage (creating from what is at hand) artist Janet Echelman is proof that anything is possible if you believe in limitless creativity. Turned down by seven art schools, she went on to become a Fulbright Scholar and a world...

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How Oprah Winfrey Made Me ‘Fail’

Almost exactly 10 years to the day of her final episode that aired just last week, I submitted the paper below to the professor of my 'Ethos of Brand' class. We were asked to choose a prominent brand identity on which to write a research paper. Fascinated with the...

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Darkness Falls (Hey!)

Darkness Falls: Hey! (official music video) from SEN Music TV on Vimeo. I am always on the lookout for new music, particularly anything from Denmark. Today I came across this duo called Darkness Falls and have watched their video (Hey!) above almost a dozen times...

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