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Your Path to Becoming an Associate Certified Coach (ACC)

What is the ACC Credential?

The ACC stands for Associate Certified Coach. Awarded by the prestigious International Coaching Federation (ICF), it represents a significant achievement for those new to coaching. It’s essentially your green light, signaling you’ve mastered the foundational knowledge and skills of coaching.

Steps to Obtain the ACC Credential:

Coach-Specific Training: Complete a minimum of 60 hours of ICF-approved coach-specific training. At least 48 of these hours must be synchronous (real-time) learning.

Coaching Experience: Log a minimum of 100 coaching hours with at least 8 clients. Out of these, 75 hours must be paid coaching sessions. Remember, it’s all about genuine, hands-on experience.

Mentor Coaching: Engage in 10 hours of mentor coaching with an ICF-credentialed coach, spanning a minimum of 3 months. This mentorship is invaluable, offering guidance, feedback, and a deeper understanding of the ICF Core Competencies.

Performance Evaluation: Part of the process is demonstrating your skills. You’ll need to submit a recorded coaching session for evaluation, along with a written transcript of the session.

Complete the Coach Knowledge Assessment (CKA): The CKA is a comprehensive exam that ensures you’re aligned with the ICF’s Core Competencies and Code of Ethics. It’s your time to shine and showcase all you’ve learned.

Renewal: Your ACC credential is valid for three years. To renew, you’ll need to showcase continuing education, ensuring you remain at the forefront of coaching practices.

Embarking on the ACC journey is more than just ticking off requirements; it’s about growth, passion, and commitment to the art of coaching. As you navigate this path, remember why you started, and lean on the supportive community around you.

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