The revolutionary Authentic Intelligence Coaching Model™

The Authentic Intelligence Coaching Model™ Difference

Pre-Existing Coaching Models and Their Effectiveness
  • GROW Model: This model focuses on Goal, Reality, Options, and Will. It’s straightforward but may be limited in its ability to address deeper emotional or spiritual issues.
  • Solution-Focused Coaching: This model emphasizes finding quick, practical solutions. While effective in resolving immediate problems, it might not be suited for deeper, long-term development.
  • Ontological Coaching: This approach delves into the way people perceive the world and their role in it, looking at language, emotions, and body. It’s comprehensive but can be complex.
  • Cognitive Behavioral Coaching: Rooted in psychological theory, this model aims to change harmful habits and mindsets. However, it might not cater to clients who seek a more holistic approach that includes emotional and spiritual dimensions.
Unique Features of ALA and our Authentic Intelligence Coaching Model™ (AIC)
  • Holistic Development: The AIC model goes beyond professional and personal goal setting to explore emotional, spiritual, and intellectual development.
  • Authenticity-Centric: The model puts a strong emphasis on living authentically, helping clients align their actions with their true selves.
  • Emphasis on Vulnerability: It creates a safe space for vulnerability, which many clients find transformative.
  • High Ethical Standards: The model takes the core competencies of the International Coaching Federation and elevates them with a strong focus on integrity and ethical behavior.
  • Community Building: ALA creates a sense of community and long-term support among its coaches and clients.
  • Universally Applicable: The model is tailored to each individual needs based on their desired identity, giving coaches the opportunity to coach within any niche they choose overtime.
Gaps Filled by the AIC Model
  • Multi-Dimensional Approach: Unlike traditional models that may focus solely on goal-setting or cognitive changes, the AIC model aims for a holistic transformation.
  • Ethical Depth: The strong emphasis on ethics and authenticity fills a gap in the coaching landscape where these aspects may be secondary considerations.
  • Community and Connection: Many coaching models focus on the individual client-coach relationship, neglecting the broader context in which coaching can become a communal, shared experience.
How do coaches perceive the effectiveness of this coaching model?

Coaches overwhelmingly perceive the Authentic Intelligence Coaching Model™ as highly effective, especially in fostering client growth. They specifically point to its focus on authentic living as a distinguishing feature.

What are the experiences of clients who’ve undergone coaching using this model?

Clients, in general, report significant transformations in their personal and professional lives. They feel the coaching model allows for a safe space where vulnerability is embraced, leading to transformative experiences.

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