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In 2008, Kathleen O’Grady capitalized on her expertise in authentic leadership coaching by launching her own strategic consultancy firm and turning it into an internationally recognized center of excellence for organizational development. Authentic Leadership Advisors (ALA) continues to push boundaries by honoring individual creativity and innovation while helping organizations get out of their own way.

Kathleen is driven to deliver high-touch coaching experiences through seamless cross-functional collaboration and high integrity consultation. She is known as a “transformational trouble-maker” who disrupts business models at every level. Whether it is revolutionizing internal communications, eliminating leadership blind spots, or building a company culture that attracts and retains top talent, she embraces all aspects of her work and truly cares about long-term partnerships that build on previous successes. She especially focuses on supporting C-suite executives, HR leaders, and trail-blazing entrepreneurs.

For over a decade, Kathleen has collaborated with some of the world’s best companies including Fortune 100 firms such as Deloitte, Cisco, BP, and Ivy League Schools. Part of her expertise lies in powerfully presenting her passion for authentic leadership in keynote speeches, commencement addresses, conference sessions, as well as custom company-sponsored educational or inspirational talks.

As a visionary in her field, Kathleen is a two-time past president of the International Coaching Federation Raleigh Chapter, and is listed as #1 in USA Today’s Top 10 International Coaches.

In The Media

What is Authenticity is Contagious?

Authentic Leadership Coach, Kathleen O’Grady, talks about choosing your authentic self to live a calmer life, by becoming a more heart-centered person, leader, partner, and friend.

“When what you do for a living goes from being a means to earn an income to an absolute moral imperative, you have found your life’s calling.”

-Kathleen O’Grady

Kathleen O’Grady, MCC, CALC 

CEO | Master Certified Coach | Speaker | Authentic Leadership Expert | Transformational Trouble-Maker

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Previous Engagements:

  • SAS
  • North Carolona State University
  • Duke University
  • CBC America
  • Triangle Organizational Development Network
  • RDU Chapter of the National Black MBA Association
  • North Carolina Project Management Institute
  • Living Arts College Commencement
  • The Art Institute of Raleigh/Durham

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