Whenever there is more than one person pursing a goal, you are dealing with an organization. Each individual can make or break the success, reputation, profitibility, and impact of the whole. All great things can deteiorate over time without proper care and attention. ALA is committed to helping you fix what’s broken, develop new tools, and polish what’s working well.

WHAT IS Authentic Leadership?

Authentic Leadership resides within all of us. It is the cultivation and mastery of our emotions and talents. It inspires us to listen curiously, innovate creatively, and take risks bravely.

ALA offers a wide variety of leadership development strategies and tools to help you tackle pesky organizational challenges. Let us elevate not just your company, but your entire industry.

“You have to dream so big that you can’t get an ego cause you’ll never fulfill all those dreams.”

-Quincy Jones

Who We Serve


We show leaders how to turn their hurdles and conflicts into new creative ideas


We help teams breakdown communication barriers to increase efficiancy


We train coaches to master their skills in order to create profound shifts


We transform companies culture to embrace change mindfully

improve plant operations

Global Manufacturing

Improve Plant Operations

Challenge: New Plant Manager joins company on the heels of two previous bad hires, just as market production demand quadruples, causing chaos.

Result: Established swiftly scalable process improvements and leadership effectivenes. Within two years, Manager was offered promotion to VP.

Organizational Leadership

International Law

Organizational Development

Challenge: Firm Administrator was ineffective and on the verge of retirment but reluctant to relinquish responsibilites to successor, resulting in confusion and chaos.

Result: Steady and sustainable leadership transition allowing for improved processes and proceedures. New leadership shifted firm culture from franetic to functional.

Succession Planning

Multinational Software

Succession Planning

Challenge: Purly results oriented leader hits his numbers, but leaves creative ideas and the comfort of others to participate in his wake. His way or the highway instead of collaboration.

Result: Development of authentic leadership awareness and curiosity, leading to oppennes and connection with colleagues and stakeholders. Promoted to SVP as a result.

Rapid Expansion Culture

Video Game Industry

Rapid Expansion Culture

Challenge: Radid and endless growth resulting in confusion, chaos, and lack of effective communication and collaboration. Quanitiy replaces quality and culture suffers.

Result: Establishement of authentic leadership appraoch to culture and growth, leading to more allignment, agile workflow, and improved policies and proceedures.

Merger and Acquisition

Global Technology

Merger and Acquisition

Challenge: Denial that origional brand and culture would be maintained. Resistance to change. Overall confusion and self-protective leadership to maintain status-quo.

Result: Mindful and accepting awareness to inevitible changes in culture and policies. Shift from 'us versus them' attitude to 'we are all one' mentality, creating cohession.

Mentorship Programs

Multiple Industries

Mentorship Programs

Challenge: A lack of structure and strategy for maintaining and disseminating organizational and industry knowledge/wisdom to the next generation of leadership.

Result: Establishment of internal mentorship programs across depeartments. Increased employeee engagement, career development, and top talent retention.

Portfolio Expansion


Portfolio Expansion

Challenge: Silowed regional leadership doing things 'their way' at the expence of consistency and collaboration. Lack of structure, stability and sustainability of process.

Result: Emotionally and consciously alligned leadership culture with an emphasis on cross functional communication and development. Profits increased significantly.

Internal Coaching

Multiple Industries

Internal Coaching

Challenge: Ineffective and inconsistent corporate culture, leading to toxic drama and poor talent aquisition and retention. Brand identity suffering from 'bad press'.

Result: Creation and implementation of internal and extenral coaching infrastructure, emphasising growth and development as imperitive to the company culure.

Areas of Expertise

  • Authentic Leadership
  • Executive Presence
  • Leaders at all Levels
  • Emotional Intelligence 
  • High Potential Growth
  • New Manager & Promotions
  • New Hire On-boarding
  • Bridging Generation Gaps
  • Diversity in Leadership
  • Cultural Impact Strategy
  • Reorganization
  • Change Management
  • New Team Establishment
  • Succession Planning
  • Performance Management
  • Mentoring Programs
  • Board Retreat Observation
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
Training & Workshops
  • Leadership Coaching Certification
  • Authentic Leadership Development
  • Culture Transformation
  • Performance Feedback
  • Team Building
  • Recruiment and Retention
  • Brand Reputation
  • Annual Review Process
  • Communication Strategy
Leadership Assessments
  • Authentic Leadership Career Baseline Assessment
  • Tilt 365: Positive Influence Predictor
  • Tilt 365: Team Climate Predictor
  • EQ-i and EQ-i 360 Emotional Intelligence Assessments
  • Fascination Advantage
  • iPEC: Energy Leadership Index
  • DISC

Authentic Leadership Advisors’ Approach

Our solutions are driven by an emphasis on collaboration and organic progress.

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I completed coursework to become a Certified Authentic Leadership Coach through Authentic Leadership Advisors Academy’s incredible coach training program. The experience has transformed me from the inside out and completely changed how I see myself and interact with the world. Kathleen has created a coach training program that is truly ground-breaking, and she and the ALA Academy faculty lovingly encourage participants to face the internal voices that hold us back from reaching our full potential – and act as our biggest cheerleaders when we come back stronger on the other side. Kathleen, thank you for loving people for a living. You turned me up a notch, and it feels amazing to move joyfully and authentically through the world again. The work you’re doing is game changing. Please don’t ever stop! I hope that everyone gets the chance to experience your miracles.

 Claire Jefferies

My experience as a participant in the ALA Academy Authentic Leadership Training Program has been invaluable, both personally and professionally. To enhance the education process you are provided with numerous opportunities to engage in developing personal self-awareness, which is crucial to being an effective coach. I learned so much about myself, what is necessary to best serve my clients and how to offer my services at the highest level of consciousness. Kathleen provides a safe, nurturing and inspiring environment and her insight, experience and passion are “icing on the cake”! There are other certification programs available, but none provide the level of connectedness that you receive at ALA Academy. Finally, one of the most important points is that Kathleen and her faculty walk the talk; they represent all of the concepts, characteristics and traits they teach that are paramount to effective leadership and coaching!

 Dina Maloney

Authentic Leadership Advisors Academy was a life-changing experience for me. Kathleen has a very unique and special gift for identifying talent in others and bringing those talents to the surface even if we are kicking and screaming the entire way ? No doubt I was a stubborn student but she still got me where I needed to be and frankly, I probably still haven’t realized how much I’ve grown personally and professionally from this experience. I am honored to be an alumni of ALA Academy and even more privileged to call Kathleen a friend and colleague. To say she’s amazing is an understatement. I’m blessed beyond measure to have her in my tribe and to have ALA Academy as a support system. I highly recommend anyone who is contemplating life coaching as a career to contact ALA Academy. It’s a tough program so be ready to work hard but the outcome is extraordinary and worth every minute!

 Jill Ripper

ALA Academy and Kathleen far exceeded my expectations. I came into the program not knowing what to expect but by the conclusion I was blown away by the curriculum and delivery. Kathleen and her associates create a safe space where each student can learn and grow at their own pace. This program changed me immensely and will remain at the center of my personal and business growth plan for the rest of my life. Kathleen’s ability to deliver the material at such a high emotional intelligence level is nothing short of amazing. If you are looking for a life changing coaching program, look no further, you found it.

 Keith Crowder

Kathleen O’Grady and the Authentic Leadership Advisors Academy helped me to create the life of my dreams. After many years of checking boxes and climbing ladders, I was fortunate enough to not only gain the skills needed to pursue my new career, I experienced a life change that was totally unexpected. Through Kathleen’s coaching curriculum, her training format, personal approach, and the team she has developed, I learned more about myself and my gifts than I could have ever imagined. Her authentic inside/out approach to developing coaches is a tremendous gift to the profession.

Mildred Edwards, PhD


Hire the best, onboard them with a white-glove approach, and give them reasons to stay


Create seamless cross-functional team collaboration with a proper communication strategy


Cultivate authentic, high-integrity leadership at every level and eliminate drama and politics


Achieve a culture where purpose, innovation and, creativity reign supreme

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