The only self-assessment available to help you discover your natural personality and evolve it with character strengths through actionable developmental steps.

5 Minute Assessment

This short (5 minute) assessment determines the natural preferences of your genetic personality pattern. It is called a forced-choice assessment since it requires you to choose a preference by making dualistic choices. The intent is to see where you lean first, but it doesn’t mean you prefer only one. To find out which way you might lean when under stress, this choice is necessary to determine where you began in life on your development journey.

True Tilt Profile Assessment

The True Tilt Profile Assessment provides deep, personalized insights and offers suggestions to help you grow. It helps you understand and appreciate your true self – articulates not only what you do but why you do it.


Results are reported in a memorable visual framework that compares your patterns to others to help you communicate better. It describes how you adapt to fit each situation, not just your personality “type.” It gives you the tools you need to use your strengths in different situations effectively.

The Tilt Model

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