Why Join ALA Academy?

Selecting the right coach training program is a big decision. By now we hope that you have taken the opportunity to review our website and ask our dedicated staff all of the questions you have. There is no such thing as a stupid question. We’ve heard it all!

ALA Academy was born out of our Founder’s own hero’s journey as a professional Master Certified Coach. She pieced together all of the research, experiential learning methods, and her own signature Creation Coaching Model to create the perfect “Goldilocks Program” that’s just right.

This is not academic learning, or “check-the-box” training; it’s a full-on transformational experience. Our classes are intentionally small to allow everyone to feel safe enough to shed whatever will get in their way of becoming a solid coach.

Our program has been referred to as “indescribable, until you go through it for yourself“, “the holy-grail of coaching programs“, “soul-blowing“, and “life-changing in ways I never knew were possible“. 

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