General Media and Liability Release

Authentic Leadership Advisors (“Authentic Leadership Advisors”) endeavors to provide a safe, secure, educational and fun environment to allow its customers, clients and affiliates achieve their leadership development goals. We ask that all customers, clients and affiliates participating in a Authentic Leadership Advisors program, course, academy, podcast or other similar event (collectively “Activities”), agree to and acknowledge this General Media and Liability Release Form (“Agreement”) prior to participating:

Photo, Video, Media and Copyright Release

I grant Authentic Leadership Advisors my permission to photograph, videotape, and/or audiotape me during the Activities with Authentic Leadership Advisors. These photographs/videos/audio recordings will remain the sole property of Authentic Leadership Advisors and may be used in advertising or marketing campaigns on Authentic Leadership Advisors’s websites or elsewhere via online through social media and other website platforms, and for promotional and informational marketing material, whether in print or online, including, but not limited to, flyers, brochures, newsletters, emails, advertisements, billboards, newspaper articles, podcasts, TV, internet, cable or radio interviews/promotions. I understand I will not be identified by name unless I give my express permission. I hereby waive and release any rights to compensation for, or ownership of, such images and/or sounds, in whatever medium, and transfer to Authentic Leadership Advisors, its successors and assigns, all my rights, title, and interest therein to such images and/or sounds.

Liability Release

I, the undersigned participant, do hereby waive, release, absolve, forever discharge, and do further agree to indemnify and hold Authentic Leadership Advisors, its employees, trustees, officers, volunteers, and agents harmless from and all claims, damages, losses and/or expenses arising out of participation in Authentic Leadership Advisors Activities. I assume all liability for any and all personal injury, bodily injury, illness or property damage that occurs as a result of participation in such Activities. I also agree that I will not bring any lawsuits nor make any demands nor pursue any complaints against Authentic Leadership Advisors as a result of my participation in Authentic Leadership Advisors Activities. My agreement to this release also warrants that participation in the Activities is voluntary and I have read and understand the inherent risks involved in the Activities. I acknowledge and agree that these risks exist despite the safety precautions and procedures implemented by Authentic Leadership Advisors. I agree to obey all rules and policies mandated by Authentic Leadership Advisors personnel.

I, the undersigned, hereby give my consent to participate in all Authentic Leadership Advisors Activities, and warrant that I am physically fit and able to participate in all Activities without undue risk.

There is and will be adequate health insurance coverage in force for the term of my participation. I further verify that the health insurance covers any and all accidents, injuries or illnesses that may result from participation in Authentic Leadership Advisors Activities.

This Agreement represents in full all terms and consideration, and no other inducements, statements, or promises have been made to me, the undersigned participant.

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