Globally Accredited Authentic Leadership Coaching Certification

Become a Certified Authentic Leadership Coach (CALC)

Authentic Leadership Advisors Academy is dedicated to developing Certified Authentic Leadership Coaches who understand the power of coaching to the ‘being’ of a person, versus simply the ‘doing’. Our program is recognized by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) as Approved Coach Specific Training Hours (ACSTH), which provides students with 94 training hours towards obtaining the ICF Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credential and 40 SHRM professional development credits.

ALA also offers an additional (optional) coach training module (for a total of 125 ACSTH hours) towards obtaining the Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credential. This segment is only available to ACC credential holders who have completed at least 200 coaching practice hours.

Our signature identity-based Creation Coaching Model© gets to the root identity desire beneath the more surface-based ‘goals’ clients set for themselves. When coaching to this deeper level, clients experience increased inner clarity and maintain more conscious and sustainable long-lasting fulfillment.

Harnessing the vibrant energy of our thriving city, attendees not only walk away from each weekend module with coaching and business development skills, they leave recharged and inspired to make an authentic impact in the world around them. Authentic Leadership Advisors Academy prides itself on developing programs that are personalized, not ‘canned’. We realize that this requires much more customization work on our part, but in the end we feel it’s worth it for our student coaches, and the clients they intend to serve.


This program is ideal for:
  • Those seeking to become Leadership, Executive & Corporate Culture Coaches
  • Those seeking to coach individuals on personal and/or professional development
  • Internal coaches seeking formal training and learn how to develop a coaching culture
  • Human Resource, Organizational Development, and Talent Management Leaders
  • Therapists and Consultants who wish to add Coaching as an offering
  • ANYONE who simply wishes to become a more authentic and gain life-long tools

Program Structure

Section 1

The Heart of Coaching

This three-day segment thoroughly covers the delivery aspects of coaching, including: a breakdown of the industry and ethics of coaching, and Authentic Leadership Advisors Academy’s signature Creation Coaching Model©.

Section 2

The Mastery of Coaching

This three-day segment thoroughly covers ICF Core Competencies, personal and professional development, understanding the difference between coaching standard versus coaching style, and more.

Section 3

The Business of Coaching

This three-day segment covers the business aspects of coaching, including: establishing an independent coaching practice, branding, marketing, pricing, packaging of services, business development, and more.

Section 4

The Grace of Coaching

This three-day segment thoroughly covers PCC and MCC ICF Core Competencies, personal and professional development, for Alumni with their ACC who are nearing their PCC Application.

What is ICF?

The International Coaching Federation (ICF) is the leading global community for advancing the coaching profession by setting high standards, providing independent certification, and building a worldwide network of credentialed coaches.

ALA CALC Certification and ICF

After the successful completion of all three training weekends, and a minimum of 30 hours of coaching practice outside of class, students will receive official documentation of their Authentic Leadership Coaching Certification (CALC), which represents 94-hours of ICF Coach Specific Training and can be used towards the ICF ACSTH Application Process to obtain Associate Certified Coach (ACC) distinction. Our program is recognized by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) as Approved Coach Specific Training Hours (ACSTH), which provides students with 94 to 125 training hours (depending on ACC or PCC track) towards obtaining their ICF credential.

The Path to ICF Credentialing

The ACSTH Application Path towards obtaining Associate Certified Coach (ACC) and Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credential is significantly more cost effective than the ACTP Path. Most coaches save several thousands of dollars by taking the ACSTH path.

ICF ACSTH Requirements for ACC via ACSTH Training Path
  • 60 hours of coach-specific training (ALA Certification exceeds required hours)
  • 100 hours of client coaching experience, minimum of 8 clients, 75 paid hours (ALA Certification meets 30 of the required hours)
  • 10 hours of work with a qualified Mentor Coach (ALA offers discounted Mentor Coaching outside of class)
  • Coach Knowledge Assessment (CKA) online exam (administered by ICF)
  • Oral exam recording and transcript (reviewed and approved by ICF)

Authenticity is Contagious

ALA Academy Full Program Details

The ALA Advantage

  • Exclusive selection process to determine fit
  • Accelerated intensive training, 9-days over 4-months
  • Virtual or Downtown Raleigh location, convenient to RDU airport, hotels, and local attractions
  • Customized, on-location, organizational training upon request
  • Authentic Leadership focus prepares students for both business and life coaching practices
  • Strong focus on personal transformation and professional development
  • Offering four or more cohorts per year to provide flexible scheduling options
  • 94 Curriculum hours approved by International Coaching Federation for ACSTH Portfolio Credentialing Path
  • Signature Creation Coaching Model © which facilitates more powerful and long lasting transformation, by focusing on the ‘being’ of the person versus the ‘doing’ of the person

Enrollment & Certification

Exclusive Admission Process:
  • Written application
  • Interview with an ALA Academy Instructor
Requirements for Full Certification:

  • Perfect attendance (fully present and interactive class participation)
  • Required reading and assessments (books and assessments not covered by tuition)
  • Submission of coaching log with 30 practice hours (paid and/or pro bono) outside of class
  • Submission of recorded coaching session and transcript for Oral Exam (pass/fail)


Curriculum Benefits:
  • 72-hours of live training
  • 94 ICF ACSTH Credit Hours
  • 3 three-day semi-monthly modules of live, in-depth, experiential learning
  • 2 Virtual Class Interim Calls
  • ICF Credentialed Faculty & Mentor Coaches
Exclusive Practice Client Program Opportunities:
  • Access to ALA Academy’s Practice Partner Barter Coaching Program (to aid with accumulation of paid practice coaching hours)
  • Access to ALA Academy’s Pro-bono Coaching Partnership Program with non-profits (to aid with accumulation of pro-bono practice coaching hours)
Post Curriculum Off-Boarding Benefits:
  • 2 ICF Mentor Coaching Sessions (to be used within 6 months of graduation)
  • Ongoing virtual Quarterly Continuing Education Q&A Sessions (access to full video archive)
  • Access to exclusive and highly active ALA Academy Alumni events, social media groups, tools and resources



We honor the individual uniqueness that each participant brings to the group, which contributes to creating the overall class dynamic.


We respect the power of each student’s perspective and contribution to the class discussion, and facilitate a structured yet organic flow of collaborative learning.


We believe that participants are more likely to push themselves to succeed when they achieve a sense of inspiration. We foster an atmosphere designed to encourage heart-centered inspirational learning.

Become a Certified Authentic Leadership Coach (CALC)!