Coach Training Certification

Our Authentic Leadership Coaching Certification (CALC) is globally accredited by the International Coaching Federation.

Executive Coaching

We support leadership development of individual, team, and organizational performance across a variety of industries.

Organizational Development

We transform your company culture into a workplace where top talent aspires to grow, develop, and innovate.

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We are experts in the original AI: authentic intelligence (AQ)

As the world braces for extreme change due to advances in our global technology, as a result of Artifical Intelligence (AI), it’s critical that we remember the importance of our Authentic Intelligence (AQ).

Definition of Authentic Intelligence:

Authentic Intelligence is the unique ability to harmoniously blend cognitive intelligence, emotional intelligence, and intuitive inspiration. This means operating rationally, emotionally, and intuitively all at once, fully engaging all aspects of consciousness.

An authentically intelligent person possesses:

  1. Subject Matter Expertise: Deep knowledge and understanding of their field.
  2. Emotional Mastery: The skills to recognize and manage both their own emotions and those of others.
  3. Intuitive Insight: The ability to access and operate from an optimal version of oneself, focusing on goals in a way that serves humanity rather than self-interest.

Coach Training Certification

Coaching has become one of the most critical competencies a leader can possess. There’s nothing “soft” about these skills!

intimate classes

Small group learning that allows for an accelerated path to completion


Develop a polished technique as you feel your way through the content


International Coaching Federation (ICF) globally approved training hours


Coach Training Certification

“I attended a cohort that included a judge/lawyer, an OBGYN, a University Professor, a high-tech change leader, an entrepreneur, and a Chief Information Officer…quite a diverse and intellectual group. I am a better leader, husband, and friend because of what I learned and experienced.”

George Reichert

Chief Information Officer
Genworth Financial

Executive Coaching

“ALA brings together a unique combination of expertise, experience, and perspective. I am grateful to have collaborated with my coach over the past few years, and I highly recommend ALA to anyone seeking a fresh, enthusiastic perspective with encouragement to grow into a more authentic person and leader.”

Jim keaney

Director of Operations
Consolidated Metco

Organizational Development

“The consistent growth of Epic Games has understandably led to numerous challenges. ALA has helped our leaders establish an authentic approach to culture and growth through expert coaching experiences. Their skilled coaches turn subject matter experts into effective leads. Our teams appreciate ALA’s passion and dedication to unlocking their full potential.”

MaryAnn Hotchkiss

Learning & Development
Epic Games

Executive Coaching

It’s not about hierarchy anymore. Leaders have a presence that creates environments where everyone around them feels safe to learn, grow, and contribute.


How are you showing up in ways that are consistent and trustworthy?


How are you using your authority to affect others in a positive way?


How are you supporting initiatives which offer unique solutions?

Organizational Development

Investing in your culture is no longer optional. It’s the only way to stay desirable and attract top talent.


How are your teams fostering creativity and innovation?


How are you breaking down communication barriers to increase collaboration and productivity?


How are you focusing your resources to ensure employee satisfaction?