Treading Water

cache_buoy-1Once upon a time there was a  woman in search of opportunities for growth, mentoring, career satisfaction and success…who suddenly found herself adrift in a body of water called Lake Overwhelm.

Treading water ever-so calmly at first, she began to tire and searched for a buoy to rest on.  Just as she swam toward one she noticed it kept floating further away.

Reaching the shore seemed her only other option for escaping the increasingly rocky current.  But which shore was the right one?

She stopped treading, closed her eyes, and allowed her mind & body to relax until she found herself floating atop the water.

When she opened her eyes she was just a few feet from the shore…the same one from which she had left…

She hadn’t reached her intended geographical destination, on the opposite shore, but she realized her journey had still achieved her goals, and she found what she was searching for…confidence in herself and her authentic dreams.

(I certainly milked that metaphor to death! ;)) – Just trying to switch things up a bit…

Authentically Yours, Kathleen