Shake it Out! | Shedding 2011

Let’s face it…

We all have a dark side, whether or not we want to admit it. We all do things we are not proud of. We all have regrets. We’ve all experienced things we feel we did not deserve. This is because we are all souls living a human experience.

This song and video by Florence and the Machine is a perfect metaphor for the need for each of us to ‘shake out’ the parts of us that are holding us back from feeling free to dance our life at our own rhythm.

As we turn our attention to what’s next, and what can be in 2012, we need to create the space within ourselves to allow good things to show up. That space will only be there if you let go of what you no longer need.

What regrets, beliefs or unhealthy connections are you holding onto from this past year?
Are they weighing you down?
How can you make amends with those affected?
Is there someone you need to forgive?
Is that someone yourself?

In her song Sweetest Decline, Beth Orton sings:

What’s the use in regrets
They’re just things we haven’t done yet.
What are regrets?
They’re just lessons we haven’t learned yet.

In the Shake it Out video above, Florence sings:

Regrets collect like old friends
Here to relive your darkest moments

Letting go of unnecessary emotions like guilt, embarrassment, regret and fear will create the space for love, laughter, joy and peace of mind.

So you had some bad experiences….so what? They are in the past, and you’ve likely learned some needed lessons. Good for you! Be proud of yourself instead of dwelling on the past. Shake it off!

Wishing you all Blessings and Blissings in 2012 and beyond.

Harmoniously Yours,
Kathleen O’Grady, ACC
Founder of Authentic Leadership Advisors & Museic Coaching™