Insanity Brings Sanity, Full Life Revolution Style!

For those who argue that social media is nothing but superficial, I beg to differ. Perhaps I am one of the lucky ones, but I’ve met some amazing people virtually. This month, I somehow attracted two truly remarkable people like a moth to a flame, via LinkedIn.

resultsShawn-300x177Shawn and Jasmine Logue of Full Life Revolution (based out of Danbury, CT) have swiftly become two of my biggest supporters, at a time I needed just what they had to offer.

At the end of 2011, I’d resolved myself to take better care of body and start exercising again. My brother-in-law in San Diego had exposed me to P90X and Insanity during my visits, and I had considered purchasing one of the DVD programs to workout from home. I know that I’m too lazy to drive to a gym and compete for machines. So I figured the at-home option would be perfect.

JasBeforeAfter-300x281A couple of weeks later, I connected for the first time with a fellow Certified Professional Coach via LinkedIn. In comes Shawn Logue. We set up a time to network by phone to see how we could support each other’s practices. Prior to the call I’d reviewed his coaching/consulting website and was impressed. It wasn’t until we were on the call that I stumbled on his other website for Full Life Revolution and asked him about it. He stated that he and his wife had started it as a result of their success with P90X in early 2011. My interest was piqued!

He went on to share with me the story of their physical transformation (pictures below). Unlike watching an infomercial, I was actually talking to the ‘real deal’. Needless to say, by the time we got off the phone I had purchased Insainty and had not one, but TWO amazing coaches, Shawn and Jasmine, committed to helping me reach my fitness goals!

It’s been just over a week since I started the program, and the Logues have become a daily staple in my routine. They check on my progress and keep me motivated. Their authenticity and humor when it comes to sharing their own experiences makes partnering with them hysterically fun.

I wrote this blog for the following reasons: (1) To express my gratitude for Shawn and Jasmine; (2) To inspire others to regain the health and vitality of their bodies; and (3) to create even more public accountability for me to follow through on my goals. Yikes!