Darkness Falls (Hey!)

Darkness Falls: Hey! (official music video) from SEN Music TV on Vimeo.

I am always on the lookout for new music, particularly anything from Denmark. Today I came across this duo called Darkness Falls and have watched their video (Hey!) above almost a dozen times already. It’s addictive!

wave-300x153First, the song by itself… The music is reminiscent of ‘007 theme meets Pulp Fiction’. The lyrics are a mix of sheepishness and confrontation. Her tone bounces back and forth between longing and strength.

The slightly racy video is a whole different story, and doesn’t seem to match up with the lyrics at all. Yet the music and the film noir cinematography complement each other perfectly. It reminds me of short films I had to analyze for class back in college. Still trying to figure this one out…

I would LOVE to hear other people’s take on this song/video.