Commitment and Independence

One of our most challenging dilemmas as humans is to satisfy our constantly shifting (or simultaneous) need for commitment and independence. When in a committed relationship we often long to be free, and when we are free we long to be committed to a partner. While it’s certainly possible to maintain your independence while in a committed partnership, there are also times and reasons why one or both partners are called to something (an experience, life lesson, etc.) that requires them to be alone.

I came across the video above yesterday and was inspired to write this blog. The song is ‘Come Back When You Can’ by Barcelona. This unofficial video beautifully captures the struggle between wanting freedom, and intimate connectedness. The lyrics imply an unconditional love along the lines of the old saying “if you love something set it free…”. My interpretation of the video is that both individuals realize their need for freedom separately, and at the exact same moment.

What is your interpretation? Have you dealt with this struggle personally?