Authentic Leadership Certification

Become a Certified Authentic Leader (CAL)

Authentic Leadership Advisors is dedicated to developing Certified Authentic Leaders who are heart-centered, forward-focused, mission-driven, self-aware, and genuine people. They are willing to accept both risk and ‘failure’ as necessary factors in growth, creativity, and innovation.

Authentic Leaders are also dedicated to taking full responsibility for their contribution to any individual or group dynamic, while seeking to truly understand the needs of others beyond themselves, and collaboratively creating the best possible outcomes using an intentionally positive mindset.

“In the past decade, companies have shifted away from competency leadership models to the authentic leadership development model, prompting the Harvard Business Review to declare that “authenticity has become the gold standard for leadership.” Authentic leadership programs help leaders develop their character, their values, and the inner side of their leadership, which are essential to leading other people.”


January 30, 2019

Our Certified Authentic Leader (CAL) program is designed for:

  • Executive and Senior Leadership looking for personal and professional development towards creating a more balanced lifestyle, fulfillment, and lasting legacy.
  • Organizations who wish to develop and maintain a more authentic, creative, and innovative brand and culture.
  • Entrepreneurs and internal leaders who suffer from ‘impostor syndrome’ and want to develop their executive presence.
  • AND, anyone (sans professional career) who simply wants to transform and grow into a more authentic and self-loving version of themself!

Program Structure

Section 1
Leading with Heart

This three-day segment covers the foundations of authentic leadership, extensive self-development based on positive psychology, the practice of mindfulness and internal values, as well as practical real-time strategies to apply right away.

Section 2
Leading with Mastery

This three-day segment covers how to overcome drama in group dynamics, developing emotional intelligence, conscious leadership, as well as professional coaching skills development, based in the ICF Core Competencies.

Section 3
Leading with Mission

This three-day segment covers how to lead from the standpoint of creating an authentic and ongoing legacy that will impact not just you, but your friends, family, colleagues, company, and community, and ripple through humanity.

ALA Guiding Principles


We honor the individual uniqueness that each participant brings to the group, which contributes to creating the overall class dynamic.


We respect the power of each student’s perspective and contribution to the class discussion, and facilitate a structured yet organic flow of collaborative learning.


We believe that participants are more likely to push themselves to succeed when they achieve a sense of inspiration. We foster an atmosphere designed to encourage heart-centered inspirational learning.

ALA Academy Full Program Details

The ALA Academy Advantage

  • Exclusive selection process to determine fit
  • Accelerated intensive training, 9-days over 4-months
  • Downtown Raleigh location, convenient to RDU airport, hotels, and local attractions
  • Customized, on-location, organizational training upon request
  • Authentic Leadership focus prepares leaders for critical events in both business and life
  • Strong focus on personal transformation and professional development
  • Offering multiple cohorts per year to provide flexible scheduling options

Enrollment & Certification

Exclusive Admission Process:
  • Written application
  • Interview with an instructor
Requirements for Full Certification:

  • Perfect attendance (fully present and interactive class participation)
  • Required reading and assessments (books and assessments not covered by tuition)
  • Submission of satisfactory final project upon specifications provided

ALA Academy Tuition

Curriculum Benefits:
  • 72-hours of live training
  • 3 three-day semi-monthly modules of live, in-depth, experiential learning
  • 2 Virtual Class Interim Calls
  • ICF Credentialed Faculty
Become a Certified Authentic Leader (CAL)!